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It seems almost scary that there could be high schoolers who have never heard of the first Nintendo, or even film.

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Another fun read from this author. Sanae and Sumireko have a lot of potential bantering and interactions that I'd love to see more of. Also MariMokou is fun too.

Actually, just how old is Sanae? Sanae first appeared in Mountain of Faith back in 2007 (wow it's been a while). Assuming she was a highschooler of around 15-18 when she arrived in Gensokyo, she was born around 1989-1992, and is now 25-28 as of 2017 - assuming she didn't simply stop aging/age slower due to being in Gensokyo and/or because of her partial divinity. That would also mean the game system she was playing here was probably a Playstation 2, maybe a 3.

Here's today's pointless over-analyzation from yours truly!

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I remembered first using LINE in college XD

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I remember when my mom called the Playstation a Nintendo. It's a flashback here and likely happened around that Era because it was never the later systems that Mom got confused. Maybe the absolute beginning of the Ps2 era. And in those age calculations, I'm Sanae's age. Uninformed parent checks out

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