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I like this so much. I like the art reminded me of Shitsuji Shoujo to Ojousama. The cross dressing yuri!

I want more! More, more, more!

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It lives!

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I.... I have been waiting forever for this moment... Yes!!!! :D

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I was really excited about this series when it first came out but then I looked for spoilers and found out it wasn't really a yuri....and the parts of girls love that was actually present wasn't even with the two characters I was shipping.....I'ma sad YuriLoveFan now....I mean...according to the summary I read...
the MC isn't even gonna actually have a role from here on in...and it was a relatively vague summary so I hope it's wrong but, if that really is how it works out then that's just fucking stupid. I was shipping the MC and the tall girl with her eyes covered because of that cover of the volume....SO FUCKING MISLEADING! FUCK!

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^Having read the first chapter I will say there is some subtext in here between those characters.

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Chapter 3 seems to have some image quality problems... Hope it gets fixed...

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^Having read the first chapter I will say there is some subtext in here between those characters.

If you're caught up then you know that that is literally just never ever happening lol. The two characters literally barely have any contact since then and, frankly, it's looking like it's not even gonna be a yuri and its just gonna be a one-sided crush from the Vice President. Actually, the person that they established as the MC in chapter 1 LITERALLY DOESN'T EVEN HAVE A ROLE ANYMORE. It just really upsets me because I was hoping for something good from this series and it literally just kinda did the opposite of everything it seemed to imply it would do.

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it seems fun to read, i think that's enough
i hope we get more from this manga

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Oh... I forgot that was a thing.

Pretty sure it will go nowhere.

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Hahah!! I can't stop laughing with Rodriguez
I really want to know what will happen in their date
Wish Akira could act a bit tomboyish scene in their date ^~^

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Hmm x2

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"I want you to attack me."


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"I want you to attack me."


Can Akira parry a Hoyokusen, though?

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ooohh it's back

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talk about "intermittent updates"

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This chapter is really interesting

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talk about "intermittent updates"

No kidding...

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I didn't hate it..... But if it was food I'd use condiments to make it more bearable

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