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Added Rape tag due to the bevvy of suggestions.

Yay! Ty everyone who did that.

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Feels like it could really use the wtf am I reading tag. To bad there isn't a disturbing or unsettling tag.

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Do we have a black list? I think I have one to put in there

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I don't know how to act after reading this. My feelings are mixed.

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That feel when you see rape and het in the tags, but the rape was in the yuri.....

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"It'd hurt more with a guy. I'm being gentle. You should be grateful."

Jesus christ.

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After she did the guy i thought there was some great potential for something emotional or realising between her and her friend. But then she goes full rapist and fucking laughs it off. Up until that i was enjoying this. Even the rape would have been fine if her reactions at the end had some compassionate thought and regret such as 'what have i done?'.

No. I raped my best friend as a joke and i'm going to tell everyone. That's a new level of bullying.

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How am I supposed to find a story about a woman raping her best friend just so they can remain friends and is completely unsympathetic about raping her cute, funny, or good? This was awful.

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Count me as one who really like this author's work but just found this one not just disappointing due to the rape but also due to it just not being well written.I feel like the story was going to go five different ways and ended up changing it's mind mid way through a bad end.

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"It'd hurt more with a guy. I'm being gentle. You should be grateful."

Jesus christ.

Going by that it sounds like there is a good chance the guy did end up raping her even if they had gone to a hotel and she is now seriously screwed up in the head from it.

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(╮°-°)╮┳━━┳ ( ╯°□°)╯ ┻━━┻

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het = yuri , yuri = het

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Feels like it could really use the wtf am I reading tag. To bad there isn't a disturbing or unsettling tag.

There is the Creepy tag

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girls+girls+boys = yuri nice logic

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This manga is so confusing. I expected quite a lot from this artist. Somewhat disappointed. Till the end I couldn't tell if she was into the other girl or not.

This. Only by the end of it, my impression was that she was not into the other girl. She does not contemplate being attracted to girls, is not shown as such in any way, and does not show any signs of being interested in Nozomi specifically, in a romantic and/or sexual way. To me, it literally looked she raped her out of frustration over herself 'stepping into adulthood', so to say, while her best friend showed zero interest in these things, and thus she feared they will grow apart, someone will be "left behind" and whatnot. This fear and frustration leading her to basically assault Nozomi.

In fact, all her thoughts on the matter seem mostly het. She is obsessed with the image of having a boyfriend (even asking Nozomi this, right before the rape, like, not a 'lover', a 'romantic interest', a 'girlfriend', 'me', no, she seems single-mindedly obsessed with boyfriends), considers her first sexual experience as a sort of social triumph, despite it being painful, and at no point does she think of it as a mistake, nor does she expand her list to include girls, or even contemplates such a thing. She also genuinely seems to think "it did not count" between them. Even when Nozomi manages to convey it does, in point of fact, count, her reaction was a warped feeling of happiness that her friend is no longer a virgin, zero thoughts spared to the fact she just had sex with another girl. This page is literally the only thing that stood out to me as 'she might be into her', but it was just not enough to cut it for me.

And as far as Nozomi goes, she too is not shown to be interested in girls, or anyone, for that matter, and is basically overpowered (though it seems more psychological than physical) into submission here. Sure, she thinks sex between girls is just as valid as the het version, but that does not necessarily mean she is into girls herself.

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Let's have none of that behaviour shall we, guy whos comment was deleted for a reason.

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... Well, this was a thing.

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Well, this was crappy and disturbing...

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I'm glad that I'm not the only one who didn't like this.

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Hahahaha that Hana sure was happy about taking all Nozomi's firsts, the 'which means you're an adult now! Congrats!' part was hilarious!! (Oh I just raped my best friend... Act casual!) xD

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Nope. nope nope nope

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This is very depreesed. :(

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What the fuck?

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Would Bisexual be more appropriate than Het in this case, since there's no real on-screen het action?

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I appreciate being able to read it, so thanks translators and dynasty, but yeah what a weird one-shot. It sort of felt like she was going to have feelings for Nozomi partway through, but it was just a light thing in the end? Not really worth thinking too hard on though, all authors can have a bad outing.

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