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Sakura Cartelet
joined May 28, 2016

This ship and ChikaYou are some of my favorites in Sunshine.

Edit: I just remember there's about ten untranslated YohaRiko doujins that are listed on 4chan's /u/ board. Hopefully some of them will get translated in the future.

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This ship keeps me alive. OTP!

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This ship seems to have the MakiNico gen 2 feel to it. Yoshiko acts eccentric just like Nico did in the original while Riko is a pianist and composer just like Maki. Riko however isn't a tsundere like Maki so it isn't an exact comparison however.

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this ship is my OXYGEN <3
i hella ship kyanrika too :3

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I dunno. The ship's reception is pretty polarizing since S2EP5.

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James Thalyer
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Yeaaaah Best ship!! Just like ChikaRiko!

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Nothing can take the place that YohaRiri has in my heart.

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