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I didn't particularly expect to like this from the first chapter, but ah, Takemiya Jin is always my taste.

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Not bad... Not bad at all! Pretty much a challenge to win her heart by the time she finishes with school... (Though I think she's got it already, she just has too much integrity to make a move...)

Marion Diabolito
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She's well-dressed, but Arima-sama doesn't give you an imouto* worthy of your rosary if you don't behave in a romantic, ladylike fashion. Yankiis and sukeban cannot be on the Yuriyamakai.

*Or as they call it in "Arima-sama," Sûreté pet

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Yeah, she's dressed like a highschool girl straight from the 70s. In nowadays schools, it's considered cosplay.

Oh, okay, got it!

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Are the girls on the 3rd page of chapter 2 from another story?

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Could not get into this one. I usually like Jin's works, but this one was just too silly for my taste. Maybe if it was that sort of work, wtf tag, or something, I could have enjoyed it, but the combination of realistic setting and those few silly elements just felt jarring.

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Okay the moment I saw the masked Yae it totally cracked me up XD SOOOO eager to read the next chapters!!! Looks like a crapton of fun.

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SOOOO eager to read the next chapters!!!

It was a two parter, so it's finished.

Takemiya Jin has a story in the new issue of Galette, but it's not a continuation of this.

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She just likes to wear a long dress over a short skirt, what's wrong with that lol?

Btw, love all of Jin takemiya works!!!!!!!!!¡¡¡!!!
Whooooooooo ooooooooo !!!

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alright, this isn't really about the story, but does anyone know who drew the cover art on galette volume 2? i've been looking but can't really find out.

DR2 Hajime Hinata
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alright, this isn't really about the story, but does anyone know who drew the cover art on galette volume 2? i've been looking but can't really find out.

Ikr that art was amazing, too bad it's not an actual manga

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Interesting... cant wait for the next chapters <3

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This was an interesting one. A bit outlandish compared to Jin's usual stuff, but I like it, and look forward to seeing where this goes. ^_^

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Is this actually 'On Hiatus' or is it completed? Based on the 'fin' at the bottom of the last page in chapter 2, you would think it was finished.

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It's complete.

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It's complete.

Then why it's on hiatus?

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It's complete.

Then why it's on hiatus?

I don't know.

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Pity there's not more of this.

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I usually skip things that are marked as "hiatus" or canceled...kinda misleading in this case. :c

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Gosh, pls. Continue the story (/ω\)i want to know what well happen

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I heavily disagree with Yae and maybe Takemiya Jin herself assuming that is her perspective. Cosplay isn't appropriate normally because it is too flamboyant or too suggestive for normal attire in a school setting. Her outfit is neither. Wearing a long skirt and otherwise normal outfit is not remotely equivalent, and it sure as hell isn't "asking" to be raped, which is what seems to be implied here.

Beyond just the victim-blaming mentality of this perspective, it just seems backwards. It's like saying that somebody wearing a tuxedo suit to school is asking to be raped or is in violation of school code.

It doesn't even make sense.

The only consequence of wearing this outfit should be that you stand out and are maybe shunned by a minority of idiots because you aren't following fashion trends, which is probably to your benefit because you didn't want to be friends with those people anyway.

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