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DR2 Hajime Hinata
joined Jul 20, 2016

man, this hasn't been updated in so long I've almost forgotten about it

Tbf we dont even know if there is a 2nd part yet.

yeah but there are also lots of cases where the translator drops it which sucks

joined Nov 8, 2016

Ch2, I think, recently released at COMITIA123.

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joined Feb 17, 2015

I need mooore

joined Aug 21, 2015

When is the next chapter im ready for it

joined Apr 15, 2018

Omg this is awesome i want more vhcsjvsd---

joined Aug 24, 2017

Still hoping for more of this wonderful stuff

joined Apr 12, 2018

Anyone know what the credits page is from?

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joined Apr 12, 2014

I need chapter 2 :(

joined Feb 2, 2013

Let's repost the raws for chapter 2, just putting it out there...please translate TT_TT? .....

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joined Aug 21, 2018

is this a series? In the afterword the author says "I think it would be nice if i released a sequel someday."

i really want the sequel ....YES!!! there is.

joined Oct 30, 2015

Update please... We want Moorrreee...

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Altair Uploader
joined Nov 30, 2016

yeah but there are also lots of cases where the translator drops it which sucks

This is not one of those cases.

joined May 3, 2016

Ooh. I totally forgot about this one.

joined Dec 15, 2016

Just coming to look for updates about this manga, nice to see there is CH 2 , I'll wait for the translation then :D

joined May 30, 2013

This is the good stuff.

joined May 25, 2017

uuuugh glad to see this is translated!

joined Dec 15, 2016

HOLY SHIT! I did not expect this update :'D

joined Jul 19, 2018

I'm really liking this one so far.

joined Jan 11, 2018

Umm... Their names are too way near to YagaKimi characters...
Touko Narumi and Akari Honda...
Touko Nanami and Akari Hyuuga...

joined Apr 12, 2018

Chapter 3 when? :D

joined Jun 30, 2016

Im liking this! its a shame the author just draw the story on her free time and when she feels like it, it seems like it will take a while for the next chapter :(

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joined Jan 21, 2016

Ughghghguth still soooo good. I really like the art on this one so I'm glad to see it updated. Based on the afterword, looks like the author has their own pace. Hopefully they'll have free time for another sequel. I can probably live with rereading these chapters for a while lol.

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