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could you please merge this author with hoshikuzu dolce? they're the same person.
here's their pixiv entry:
(and as you can see, that author goes by the group name hoshikuzu dolce (星屑ドルチェ)).

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I'm definitely digging this artist's style. It just looks so... Fragile. Like glass almost. I love it.

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I finally found another author with great art style aside from Saburouta, Ameno and tMnR.

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Kayako has another Marisa x Reimu doujin that's been translated on Danbooru called I and Reimu and Me. It's similar to TWINSPARK! in that Marisa ends up getting cloned, but it's more serious and focused on Reimu and Marisa's relationship.

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Love this artist work <3

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