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Do you need the raws for this series? I managed to find raws up to volume 6 and since this series is one of my favorites, and it has not been updated for a while, I would like to offer whatever help I could.

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OrangePekoe Staff
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Rakka Ryuusui was being scantalated by Horobi no Michi. Horobi had a very rough 2012 and hasn't released or updated since last year. So it's (probably) not so much about needing raws as it is needing someone interested in continuing it.

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I really hope someone picks this back was one of the very first yuri Manga that I read.

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from /u/:

Those of you in Japan might want to check out Rakka Ryuusui's final volume release (vol 9) that goes on sale this 27th March - some nice artwork comes with buying from certain specific stores.

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I hope that Sanada Ikki releases some delicious post-manga doujinshi of the series.
Or even better, have a sequel after they all graduate.

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I was always wondering why this series is tagged Yuri Crushand not Yuri. I mean, sure, it is a onesided yuri cursh for now but I was always pretty sure that that was just temporary. Anyways, The author says there are 5 yuri couples in the final Volume 9. Not that it matters anymore, being abandoned and all.

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Oh, this manga was so funny I can't believe they just abandoned it like this :(

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Oh, this manga was so funny I can't believe they just abandoned it like this :(

Yeah man it kinda sucks

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