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hate or like the ending idfc I just feel sad that it has ended
brb trying to fill the emptiness in my heart with any available yuri stuff :')

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I definitely think this last plot point needed a whole volume to itself, but ah well it is what it is. Since it was so rushed, I would've preferred a normal, really sweet and cute slice of life chapter so we can enjoy their time together one last time. It was still a really sweet series though. Thanks to everyone who worked on it!

joined Jan 24, 2018

I can't believe it's finished, it was one of the best SOL supernatural with subtext out there, there's northing like Ayakashiko! Agreed on the Kii is best girl, she had me at Christmas is a piece of shit. Thanks for translating all of it, gonna miss this one a lot

joined Nov 8, 2017

Wait, it ended just like that?

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Damn it ended so quick...

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Hijiki still has mother envy I see.

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What a crappy ending

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grumple It ended, and that is not fair! This is, hands down, my favorite manga. I want more, and more, and more, and more. Cuteness, sadness.... snugglyness <3 That damn nekomata... I want one! I even have a black cat already, so.... halfway there? :D Just need to convince it to stick around when it dies in 50 years (My cats gonna live forever, screw you reality!)

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Could have made the ending into memorable one with 5 more pages stating that she now can only seen them when there are firework. That just one of my suggestions because I feel like I am being robbed, they cannot just ending it in a climax and called it a day.

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So... why did this happen? What was going on? Was there a point to this bizarre drama scenario? Don't get me wrong, I'm very glad to have a happy ending because this series is a happy series and it needs a happy ending.

However, because of that it doesn't make sense to have this strange drama scenario and have it go nowhere. We didn't learn anything about Mahoro's powers, there was nothing new about her grandmother or really about anything. It just feels like the author had felt the sudden need to try and scare people at the end, and then went "just kidding!"

Really, it feels like the sort of ending you get when a series is axed, so despite what the author said, I am very suspicious that that is what really happened.

What did the author say?

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Someone knows if there was a bonus chapter or something extra with the last volume ? because ... it deserved more (specially Emi)

Edit: found the raws for vol 8... no extra chapter or short comic or anything, 3 illustrations and that's it... Really sad honestly, I don't think the author wanted this.

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I guess the final drama only existed so it feels like an "ending" and not like randomly ending after a slice of life chapter. Not great but not terrible either. Though as usual with subtext stories I would have preferred some development there instead.

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I had completely forgotten this had ended already

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I honestly don't know what to say but my tears sure do know what's up.

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