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In my never-ending quest to find good manga, I found a manga/comic essay called 僕が私になるために (Boku ga Watashi ni naru tame ni - For me to become me), by Hirasawa Yuuna. It is an autobiographical story about the author's journey from man to woman. It's very educational, and gives a serious, but still funny insight into the transition process (mainly the actual surgery).

If you're transgender, or simply interested, and happen to know Japanese, I'd suggest giving it a read. Hopefully some scanlation group eventually picks it up so more people can read it (I have too many other projects I'm interested in...).

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Is it like Hanayome wa Motodanshi? It sounds interesting and I hope someone translates it.

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I haven't read that one, so I can't really say. This one, however, is focused more on the process, rather than the person's relationships.

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i've been really wanting to read this one i've heard its really good so i hope it gets translated eventually

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I haven't read that one, so I can't really say. This one, however, is focused more on the process, rather than the person's relationships.

You should read that one linked above. It's rather good. It's autobiographical and tries to be informative too, however it also focuses on the author's personal journey.

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It's available in English now:

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Hello totally not a bot EddBass

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Neat. It reminded me of this. Also thread one is also on mangadex just in case.

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Thanks for the thread and the link. That manga essay was really good! I kept comparing her experience to mine. There were many compelling similarities as well as startling differences, yet I felt like I truly understood her. (Presumptuous of me I know.) My SRS was the simpler procedure, the penial inversion, and I was discharged from the hospital on the sixth day. I was lucky.

Oh wait, I'm still supposedly in the closet on this site about my transition. Oh well. This is the second time I let it slip, so I guess I'm out now. Besides I'm sure that many of you had already figured it out.

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well that's interesting

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