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I was worried but she's cool

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I find this pretty cute, but a little hard to follow. Does anyone else find the flow of the story disjointed? As for the new kitty, I expect she might cause problems between our couple, if nothing else just because of Yuki's insecurity.

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I am also disturbed by Tora's inability to read body language. The Catulus have clearly got cat instincts, so they should also recognize catlike reactions in each other. You shouldn't carelessly approach a cat who's curled into a defensive posture: you can cause it to lash out and shred you in a panic.

Well I think some cats, like humans have trouble reading body language. Or maybe that's the human bit of her.

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I gotta say I am learning a lot about cats, like I legit didnt know any if this lol I wasnt allowed to have pets as a child so this is cool to know lol.

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Negative "Nega" cat is my favorite.

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Phew so scared for the harem route, childhood friend was cool, didnt turn out to be the homewrecker I thought she was gonna be, I like it

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New girl doesn't seem like the possessive sort, but what's with all these people doing background checks and whatnot? Couldn't you kids try getting to know someone in a more normal, less yandere-esque fashion?

I think it is yet another subtle reference to feline behavior. If you've ever been owned by a cat, you know how possessive they can get of their owners, so a background check of a person to them would not be very different from, say, checking out the repair history of a car they've just bought.

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So meltingly cute so far.

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I wish there were cute catulus persons in real life, this is really cute

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Pokemon Go...

How old is this series?

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-human turns into cat
-Yuki-chan is a white cat (her name tells that)

I don't really understand with what's called friend (not sure I have one lol) but, a yuri story with cat ears and tail ? Favorited.

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Pokemon Go...

How old is this series?

Less than a year, given Pokémon GO only came out in June 2016.

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I read that this series has 19 chapters up until now, what is going on with the translation? :(

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Just be patient.

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I need more of this :(

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sips tea oh well, judging from the newest release, I'll say around april 2018 perhaps

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ch3n posted:

sips tea oh well, judging from the newest release, I'll say around april 2018 perhaps

You mean, that's when it comes the new volume?

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Three of them working in a cat cafe together, this is going to end well.

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What a useless Teacher. (in chapter 7)

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I have mixed feeling about this now.. I kinda like Kozue. But don't get in the way of Ayano x Yuki !


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The cute catgirl manga is back. Anyone know if there'll be actual romance between Ayano and Yuki?

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So, we just got confirmation that Ayano has always had a cat on her head. :P

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Yaaaay! Sweet adorable catgirl manga is back!

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....I can't believe it took me THIS long to realize that "Catulus" is a portmanteou of Cat and Homunculus xD

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I have mixed feeling about this now.. I kinda like Kozue. But don't get in the way of Ayano x Yuki !


...she just literally gave Yuki a (much needed) push there you know...
Guessing her Cute Kouhai level is over the famous 9000 in Kozue's books. Must dote on!!!

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