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I mean, they have Nettaigyo wa Yuki ni Kogareru of all things still tagged yuri after all this time, although, yes, there are still occasional discussions concerning its placement there and I’ve also noticed that it occasionally drops the yuri tag in favor of the shoujo ai tag and vice versa (?) I dunno what’s going on with that one tbh.

Regardless, the yuri tags have been used plenty for many rather innocuous series (i.e. Whispering You a Love Song and Hana ni Arashi). It can be noted that some series (including the two aforementioned titles) do also sport shoujo ai tag as well so I’ve just come to the general understanding that MD uses yuri for more physical and/or explicitly established gl whereas shoujo ai can be reserved for the fluffy feelings or teasing interests. Of course, this isn’t a concrete definition because even after all this rambling, I’m still still not completely clear on what supposedly defines the two, judging from how it’s used on MD and other manga sites.

Sexual Education 120% is given the shoujo ai treatment despite having an explicit yuri couple and mature themes which leads one to assume it’s there because gxg takes the backseat in the manga, like a side plot sort of schtick. I do admit, only one chapter is up at the moment so this is very likely presumptuous of me to conclude so early on in its run.
And then there’s Pashiri na Boku to Koisuru Banchou-san, to which I distinctly recall sporting a yuri tag with the release of chapter 68 and now suddenly doesn’t after chapter 69 even with there being a gxg pair that not only confirm their relationship, but also share an on panel kiss... The initial appearance of the tag in this case clashes with the theory of shoujo ai being reserved for sideplot yuri pairings :/
As for why it got removed... maybe it was because the presence of a yuri tag could possibly slow down traction for interest in the series, maybe it was an accidental err on the uploader’s part, who knows. I clearly don't. It was there for nearly a straight month, so I can only conclude that there was reason for both adding and removing the tag.

I’ve ranted for a bit, but the only conclusion I’ve got is that yuri/shoujo ai is such an unreliable tagging system with how difficult it is to differentiate between the two that I've merely managed to stir up even more confusion for myself (and possibly others) by trying to decrypt how they're used on MD.

There's a lot more I can get into concerning the tagging, like with how up until a couple months ago (if I remember correctly) the two tags rarely overlapped (a series sporting both yuri and shoujo ai), but now it seems to be more commonplace for whatever reason... I reckon there's no point in bothering. In the end, I'm simply lurking around for cute cat girl gl ;-;

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Pretty sure tags on MD are up to the uploaders discretion and a lot add both the tags because of the dislike of shoujo-ai. GoggledAnon and a few others went on a crusade to get rid of it and now both should be getting merged into Girls Love at some point. Unless something has changed.

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Yes. That.

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I just started reading this today and am only on chapter 9 or so, but I'm really liking it so far. Hope to get up to chapter 12 or 13 before I call it a night. :)

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Here I was going to comment about how cute Kitty was in chapter 90, then chapter 91 came along and completely blew me away.

Just... wow. Seeing their tails intertwined was great, but then that confession with their lips just inches apart...

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Chapters 88 and 89 made me cry. I've been through that. And the two cats I have now I've had for over 10 years. So it's going to happen again sooner than I'd like...

On a lighter note, that trope of constantly fighting with someone means you're friends needs to stop. Constantly fighting is not a good thing.

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HELL YESSSS! I love this so much

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Is it just me or does the girl that the black haired girl hugged in her flashback kinda look like Okayu from hololive?

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Just finished catching up this series. Holy shit so wholesome. So precious.

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So just 7 chapters left? Well, time to invest in some kind of plot....

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I like that the author is giving the readers a heads up on when this is going to end, at least by then even if I'm not happy with the ending I would've made my peace.

Hopefully it'll be a super yurilicious ending though. Please for the love of god I love this series so much for it to end on a subtext ending (although that's what probably going to happen)

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I don’t know if my heart is ready for this series to end. I can only hope the end of this series will be the beginning of something new.

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My heart goes :D and D: at the same time. Man I wish there would be more to this... Welp, guess I can't complain since this series has been really interesting to me so far.

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Ending at episode 100? IT BETTER END WITH YURI.

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Well 100 is the last episode so I know that this won't have a nice ending, I hope that at least Yuki and Ayano end up together

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Man, I'm glad it's the author pressing for the ending and not the publisher forcing a milk-the-cow-to-death scenario or forcing a rushed/last-minute ending.

I find it nice when an author has an ending planned/in mind (regardless of whether I like it or not; as long as it makes sense.) I've read a few series where there was no real reason for them to continue past a certain point because it wound up being a long, slow, painful roll downhill. (The main plot gets concluded but they, be it the author or publisher, need/want to milk the cow to death. They might beat the dead horse along with it.)

Let's end with a bang! (Not euphemistically ^_^; This is not that kind of series. Leave that for the doujinshi ^_~)

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Awww its ending soon.... well, at least it's the authors decisions not an axed series. Maybe the ending won't be so rushed this way.#stillsaltyaboutMUL

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Here's hoping for a sweet end. :D

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Wait, has "Catulus are more inclined to love girls" ever been a thing said out loud? Damn, would've been a great theme to explore if we didn't have ONLY 5 CHAPTERS LEFT askffgrrv?

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Hey look, we found the gay. Hoping the author manages to change the tagging before the end.

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Well, you'd better hurry up, author. I expect to see all our girls in happy couples by the end! :P

Wait, has "Catulus are more inclined to love girls" ever been a thing said out loud? Damn, would've been a great theme to explore if we didn't have ONLY 5 CHAPTERS LEFT askffgrrv?

The series description on mangadex (which I assume had to come from somewhere) mentions it. Beyond that... I'll have to reread.

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