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That was adorable.

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This is like Saw but better

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It is okay as long as it is cute

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How about:


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Hehe, instant fave ^_^

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This is like Saw but better

Right!? With some rpg on the side, lol

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Loool well she was really easygoing indeed xD but this was a great read~

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But I was promised sex.

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"Erm... Should I close the shutter?"

Love it.
Love this.
Love all of it.

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The title was strange but the story was cute ^~^.

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Damn, my lovely Yotsuhara Furiko-sama returns! What a beautiful day. Thank you very much, The Zärtlichkeit du Yuri!

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Kinda wish we got an explanation of what 2.5D anime means, but I guess if Japan uses "3D" for irl stuff, then 2.5D probably means anime made with CG animation.

One of the PR's here. The literal translation was just "2.5D production responsible." We weren't really sure what to make of it either lol

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Happy Ending A

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The kind of girl who has a lot of money and energy but isn't good with sex-related stuff


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Shouldn't the title be more like "You-Can't-Escape-Unless-You-Have-Sex Yuri", you know, like the actual content of the story...

Great stuff though.

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That was a good laugh. Art is good too.

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The last box on this page should probably read "But nobody came" for an Undertale reference. ;D

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this is glorious

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If I had this much of fortune I would hired any AAA company to make an AO rate version of Neptunia instead.

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The idea was nice, even it's unlikely that voice-san would choose two girls who are more or less yuri for each other already. And they were even yuri fans, so it wasn't that shocking for them.

The dilemma would be way bigger if one or both were closet lesbians or even straight.

Cute but forgettable I guess.

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is it weird that ive always had this sort of fantasy....

Is it weird that I didn't think someone else had the same fantasy?

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but we got the yuri without sex

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Creative as always. Hope this are starting to look up for the author again.

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This was cute, weird but cute

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