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Nice story line. I wonder if there is going to be a second one or it is something that's going to be left to the imagination

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I was so confused when I saw the title of this thing... it was, "Didn't this release a few years ago?" I did not realize that the chapter with the same title as the anthology hadn't been translated yet. Personally, I kind of find it funny that isome other chapter was translated like five years before the titular chapter thing (I don't know how to say this), but maybe that's just me. Glad it was though, it was a nice story.

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thats all? ...

joined Jul 22, 2016

I want more. However, it's nice how the ending is moderately positive? Haha, though I know Kodama-sensei can make cute and sweet things, but some of her stuff is too melodramatic to swallow. Un, this was good.

joined Dec 15, 2015

0/10 would not read again.

joined Apr 27, 2013

A good first half. Pity there's no second half...

joined May 24, 2013

Kodama Naoko should become at meme at this point.

joined Dec 21, 2015

This was a really charming one shot. I thoroughly enjoyed it ^^

joined Jul 10, 2016

Nice one shot, wish there were more to the story

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Kodama Naoko should become at meme at this point.

Best coment about Kodama Naoko I had ever read (and I totally agree)

joined May 15, 2014

yuri? not yuri.

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Really comfy read. I liked it.

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I think I would like one more page please.

joined Feb 23, 2016

Oohh such a tease!! But that's how she rolls!

joined Dec 6, 2013

Need more!! ><

joined Feb 14, 2016

Wow, a cute story without xtreeeem drama from kodama-san

joined Feb 24, 2016

I need more. I ship it

joined Feb 15, 2015

Now this is one refreshing twist. And, kinda inspiring.
Any hope for continuation?
The S in me wants to see the taller girl all affected and flustered because of the shorter girl.

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This was more like subtext. I think this is the first manga I've read that has an outright reference to a real band (Radwimps). Unless that was all the people that scanned it. Either way, they have really good songs.

Best Mangaka Rohan
joined Dec 13, 2016

So only friendship? I want more.

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Is there a second chapter? The better be, this looks like a series that should be ongoing.

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So only friendship? I want more.

SUPER friendship!

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Very good story, sweet and well drawn.

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really good! but I so wanted at least a blush or gasp from trendy gurl

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So only friendship? I want more.

SUPER friendship!



I like RADWIMPS, too.

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