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it's me, or this is Morinaga's ?

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Phyis Moderator
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Yes, it's Morinaga.

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Hmm, I'm normally able to understand most stories, but I don't get this one at all!!! I guess it doesn't make sense since I didn't read the original. Oh well.

joined May 1, 2014

Wait.... What??? o__O

joined Dec 2, 2014

What I just read? I don't know if is that I see Evangelion that much time ago that I already forget or is that this doujin it's very hard to understand...
Well, at least today I learn something new: Morinaga-sensei also draw yaoi o_o

joined Oct 31, 2016

Never thought that Morinaga as in THE Morinaga Milk actually made a yaoi manga since the Girlfriends series was a big hit tho

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