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Too cliché. And what's Alice?

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Will there be a second part, maybe? I'd read about them more)

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Shion posted:

Will there be a second part, maybe? I'd read about them more)

It's a oneshot, but if the magazine serializes it, there may be more (though I doubt it).

She mentionned it in her other series which just ended. They made a cameo in chapter 19 as visitors of the school and at the last page, she inserted them :

See bottom left.

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Too cheesy for my cup of tea but hey the more yuri the merrier

Alice Cheshire Moderator
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Like Nezchan and others said I'm not a huge fan of the fairly cliche stuff. Nonetheless though I do like stories where bullies aren't allowed to win.

Best Mangaka Rohan posted:

Wow i don't know about you guys but i find it extremely difficult see that prince as a girl.

Way too boy like.

I mean even if you tell yourself she is a girl and it's a yuri manga, the short hair girl looked like a girl.

This seems more like an issue with the author's artwork. If you look through Usotsuki Lily you'll find plenty of panels where even feminine characters look kinda weirdly masculine.

h3x posted:

And what's Alice?

I am!

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force a girl to stay away from the Prince
tell the Prince how they forced her to stay away

Flawless logic.

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The whole Class S nonsense at the end pretty much killed it for me.

Same here.
It ends on a "but wait..." turn.

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Classic shoujo one-shot, I liked it 'cause I like shoujo. And I think you're a bit wrong about cliche thing

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And what's Alice?

I am!

Well I think we've cleared THAT up rather neatly!

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made me remember this

Love that story. One of the ones that led to my love for kuuderes.

This one is okay. Does feel very shoujo though.

Marion Diabolito
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People talking Story S or LUGs are being too pessimistic, IMO.

One or both of them could die tragically, soon, right? and the other one either has a loveless marriage but always keeps her picture, or stays alone the rest of her life.

So don't assume it can't have a happy and satisfying ending, and don't underrate the Author-senseis.

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I wish those bittersweet endings were a little less common, you can't give us an overload of fluff and then just go 'It'll never last!'

Marion Diabolito
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Definitely same genre as Kawaii Anata and the Rin/Hanayo arcs in the Love Live anime and manga.

Marion Diabolito
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force a girl to stay away from the Prince
tell the Prince how they forced her to stay away

Flawless logic.

The thing is, didn't she say something like "I don't care if they try to bully and scare me, but now they're threatening HER." ?

I guess she thought they'd beat on their crush yandere style and "anything but that."

Because when they threatened her, she defied them, but then they said, we'll convince the Prince not to hang out with her. I don't know how that goes to "I need to dump her to create distance so they don't bully the Prince."

Bitter Black Beans
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What a cute story. Since it was left pretty much open ended, I'll pretend it'll have a happy ending.

There's a lot of potential development here, but I suspect it won't be taken further. Also, the fangs are confusing. Are they supposed to be a metaphor? Does the author like fangs? I've seen the single fang trope a lot, but never as a part of the actual character, except in vampire or catgirl stories.

Also, LUGs ... ahhhh, my day is complete

The fang thing seems to be an actual trend Japan. I think it's called yaeba or something the like( don't remember exactly). It supposed to show youthfulness and cuteness.

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Such a nice story TwT

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For who's interested: yaeba

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For who's interested: yaeba

Ah, thank you! Does it count when they're bottom teeth? I had doubles on the bottom that had to be pulled, as did my daughter, and her son. It'd be nice to know I'm part of a "thing" lol.

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Aww, the gorilla moment was when I knew I'd like this. Such an absurd and random thing.

The story was cute, but does feel like a cliché. I can't stand Kanatas fangs and pages 30-31 bothered me (that wasn't a handsome girl, that was a dude lol).

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That's a whole new level of fangs.

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I thought this would be a typical girly girl meets boyish girl high school angst story but this was really good. I would content without a follow up story and we readers should let our imagination take over.

On a side note if there is someone that your friends and you are interested in, would you form a pact to not go after said person and then ruin your friend's shit if they do? That's school mentality after all.

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I want more of this they should add more.
I kinda liked tomboy genre :)

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Thanks for the reminder why I despite one shots
Fucking hell I need fucking more of that

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Also very cute story :)

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