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This was supper cute! Also the way the hair was drawn was amazing!

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This is just a Hair and not Yuri.

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"It's so beautiful. It's kind of sexy, this hair."

I don't know why, but this sentence makes me happy :D

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Humm.... hair-sex...

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This is my favourite chapter from the book so far; rather than a dramatic plot, it really focuses on conveying the tone and the atmosphere of a single beautiful moment through a lot of subtle touches and details. I think it's very impressive to think it's the artist's yuri debut since it captures the vibe so well.

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What is this? Hair-porn?

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This is pure uncut-yuri!! So refreshing! ^_^ lol
The pace was good and the hair detail was awesome...makes me wish I could do more than just a pony tail with mine :P

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Pretty cute and nice yuri story for a first-timer. Wish there was more, which has been a thing i've been saying quite often with these Éclair one-shots.

The whole art style in this Éclair anthology has been beautiful, i might pick it up once it gets a western release.

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the chemisty room

Art was really nice, the hair was pretty lol. They should draw more yuri, they should always draw more yuri *-*

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Kinda reminds me of Akko & Mari. Very pleasant one-shot, if a little on the subtexty side. A continuation could be nice.

joined Nov 2, 2013

this was very enjoyable just a bit subtle on the yuri. The author should try more yuri in the future :)

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"It's so beautiful. It's kind of sexy, this hair."

I don't know why, but this sentence makes me happy :D

Me too ^o^ I just loved how she fantaizes about her hair o:

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The human figure was simply and well drawn , the eyes are so expressive and not to mention the beauty of the hair that resemble as much to realistic hair under the sunshine.

The shades and the light were well setled while the background was tiny sometimes and remarkable specially the curtains gave that summer sensation and the desks reminded me my days in junior high .

In conclution that was a nice and nostalgic reading very enjoyable

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"This is my first time drawing Yuri Manga"
Such an impressive start. Probably this chapter has become the one i enjoy the most for this anthology, for now

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There's been so many amazing releases in the past few days its hard to keep up with!! Not that I'm complaining, of course. Haha.
Thank you as always to the scanlators, hats off to you humans.

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i've worked with a lot of cosplayers/models with their i can relate to this 100%

...this is a beautiful one shot! captures the subtle, growing relationship between the two!

Never had a class in "chemisty". Must be a science thing.

"So I tried." Obviously.

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Good, i want more

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This is quite different and much better than the usual fluff.

Best Mangaka Rohan
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This is just a Hair and not Yuri.

It was a trap!!!!!

Damn it!

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The art is so uuunnnnngggggh

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Is this Hair fetish or something? XD I think it has the potential for a sequel maybe? It was cute but I'm a little yuri thirsty here :'/

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By visiting Isaki Uta site, I think he/she is more an illustrator rather than mangaka, explaining the beautiful art. And yeah, let's hope Isaki Uta draws more yuri manga. Let the yuri soul awaken!!

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Humm.... hair-sex...

Hairgasm. (Last panel)

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