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Do they get together as lovers at the end of sailor moon?

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How old are they?

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"Age is just a number, Chibi-usa. Looks like you're hot in that cardigan," - Hotaru

Hotaru – “Chibiusa... Even though we're both girls, I think it must have been our destiny to join together.”
Chibiusa – “Me too. I think so too. Hotaru...”

For example, during act 36, right after Hotaru saves Chibiusa and she goes to fight alongside Sailor Moon, Mamoru thinks to himself that it feels like he "has given his daughter away as a bride." And in act 50, when Mamoru had flown off to the US and Usagi hadn't heard back from him, so she was feeling lonely and grumpy. At that time, she sees Chibiusa and Hotaru being really happy together and holding hands, and remarks the fact that they sure look "too close". Hotaru then asks Usagi why she seems suspicious of this if her and Chibiusa are holding hands the same way in which Usagi and Mamoru do.

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