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yass bless the yuri gods

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Nice one, it's the best so far of Mira's works.

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I sure did like it.
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Loved the story. It was adorable.

joined May 10, 2015

Fantastic, just great.
Another excellent piece from Mira.

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This was wonderful, Mira is a treasure.

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I just saw this right as I was getting off the computer for the night and got hooked . Now I got hooked and horny .

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Mira never dissapoint.

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Never stop Mira

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So, the slaves, by triggering their own revolution, just took over the government from the monarchy, and enslaved their former owners.

joined Nov 18, 2014

Great read i like it.

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"I wanted to draw two younger girls having sex, so I drew just that." - Mira

Simple ideas can lead to great things.

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Impressive, Mira.

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Nice da ze

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Mira like always never disappoint. One of the best her works. Especially, i love Selene's character and her expressions.
P.S. Not a native talker on english, so, don't mind about my mess language.

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A new work from Mira ? And today is the day the 6th chapter of Yuzumori-san comes out ? Best day of the whole week.

I just love Mira's work. This one was a entertaining and refreshing read. More Mira is always welcomed.

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Mira is really good with yuri manga. Hope to see more soon.
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" Oh dear me..." XD

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Master x Servant is truly the best kind of yuri pairing.

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LOL 'Stupid Stupidity' Oh, I love that grrrl! xD

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Is it just me or did Selene turn male in the lower left panel here? At least that's what the text states

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Nice one, it's the best so far of Mira's works.

I also thought as much!

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Nice one, it's the best so far of Mira's works.

If I had to choose, I'd say Crimson Fantasy is better, and certainly Morishita and Arai's Romance is easily as good in terms of comedy.

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Yeah thats Mira :D

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