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Hmm, I can sense an impending ending, you can ignore your feelings for a looong time, and be like Mei but I really trust Saburo Uta sensei to deliver us with a most splendid finale after this bunch of suffering we've had loaded in our hearts!!

It's very Mei-like to play along with ti while feeling shitty.. damn Yuzu you better get your happy ending.. I truly hope Mei realizes she can be a bit strict and all that but also doing what she really wants to..which I guess,hope, is to be with Yuzu and be happy and stuff ugh.... (not related but I'm pleased with the anime so far)

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(not related but I'm pleased with the anime so far)

It's going a bit too fast. I don't have the time to really feel what is happening contrary as to when I was reading the manga. Sadly, I guess they have to keep up the pace if they want to adapt four volumes in 12 episodes...

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Transition to the photography session was a bit awkward but I'm definitely not complaining getting to see them in those dresses and the angst. I'm never complaining about angst.

That said, wasn't it discussed that there was definitely a good ending where they end up together? It was in an authors note, I believe.

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Wow... that chapter was really good yet soo angsty at the same time :( visually it was stunning too! Seeing them in those dresses... man.

I'm upset at Mei for keeping Yuzu out of the loop yet I sympathize with her too... Mei shouldn't have all this responsibility yet she doesn't want to let her grandfather down and what little time he has left. Mei's dad was smart to run away.

I say just marry the guy and divorce when grandpa dies :P Then marry yuzu and happy yuri end.

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That said, wasn't it discussed that there was definitely a good ending where they end up together? It was in an authors note, I believe.

I'm pretty sure that's the endgame, even the other probably most hated melodrama on this website had a happy ending. She's just playing with our emotion and that's why I'm here, I guess...

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As much as I disliked Mei at the beggining, seeing her now is extremely satisfying. It's just great watching Mei be the one who's head over heels this time - and massively depressed as a result!
Don't get me wrong, I don't dislike her anymore, in fact I like her alot now. It's just the kind of like that wouldn't be possible without the initial dislike.
You might call it forced drama, but I'm enjoying these chapters ALOT.

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crying with Mei

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Lmao, if you think he is bad, you obviously have not read much manga featuring parental figures trying to get their family members into arranged marriages. As far as that sort goes in manga, he is actually not that bad. Arranged marriages are common for the upper classes in real life, and as marriages go, they are not necessarily better or worse than regular ones, unless someone is literally being forced to go through with it. And that is the thing, you are just wrong, plain and simple. He is not forcing Mei into anything, he is just arranging social introductions. You are basically completely glossing over the fact Mei is going along with it the entire time, without raising a word of protest. How is he to know she is against it, mind reading? So cut with the edgy crap, will you. After Mei says plain and simple that she does not want it, his reaction then will determine whether or not he is bad.

And just to be clear, Mei has the option to simply say "fuck this", since that was what her father did in his time, and he is doing just fine.

If there is anyone at whom I am pissed right now, it is Mei, not the grandfather. Actively keeping all this from Yuzu, asking the potential fiance to also keep quiet, and now breaking like this when Yuzu speaks about their future, it is almost as if she already gave up.

First of all, I'm against the entire principle of aranged marriage, real or not.

Second, do you even know How life works? Yeah, Go against the patriarch figure that controls the entire business of your family and holds the power to influence your whole future. Are you serious? More people than you might know don't even have the right to speak up their minds because of the fear of family's retaliation. It's such an opressive reality that they cannot even think about opposing. If It wasn't like that, much more people would refuse arranged marriages. Yeah, her father left everything behind and you think there were no consequences? He was shunned by his father, his relantion with his daughter it's not one of the best. His reputation is stained. Oh, and there is something called "society" that doesn't take too kindly of people brave enough to do something like that. And you are saying to just drop everything and go away riding a white horse towards the sunset without a care in the world or thinking what you'll leave behind? Mei would have to sacrifice her reputation, her friends and maybe even part of her family.

Please, grow up. Life is not that easy. Some people can't just have the freedom they desire, because life is not a My Little Poney show. People are complex. Not everyone is an open book baring their inner demons for the whole world to see. To keep all to yourself is a normal human behavior. Oh, and that bullshit about the Grandfather not knowing about Mei's feelings... Come on! Only a complete tactless retard wouldn't think to themselves: "Oopsy! My granddaughter might be unhappy! Maybe this arranged thing is not what she wants" If your granddaughter acts the way Mei does, wouldn't you reach the extreme obvious conclusion that something is wrong? If your answer is no, man I feel really bad about your lack of deduction skills.

The one that is undeniably wrong is you. You have an utopic view of something that it's actually rather easy to interpret. You are missing the point that Mei doesn't need to say anything. Gramps is not stupid. It's very obvious she is not happy with the situation (Who would be?) He Just doesn't Care. Good parents or grandparents wouldn't even consider putting their daughter/granddaughter to marry someone they don't fully know. What if he is abusive? Violent? Huh? Huh?

Sorry, but your arguments are just stupid. Even If gramps accepts Mei's refusal later on, It wouldn't change his jerk's status because he shouldn't even consider It to begin with.

Now, either you buy the triple-barrel shotgun or get lost. I have work to do. This old man's not gonna punch himself in the liver.

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I was not aware that we were all actually reading 'Real Life - the manga' this whole time. Huh.

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Still waiting for Mei to come out of her shell.

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I wonder if there will be a happy warm ending... or if theres just going to be extreme aangst teary one. Which path will the author take, looking foward to a good story telling as good as the art.

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It's a bit weird to think that (almost) the entire rich girl cast is yuri, but still has an older financè they'll marry in the future. And they don't seem to be too bothered by it.(?)

As for Mei, I'll expect a fictitious marriage.The guy seems nice enough, way better than the rapy teacher at least.

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It's always good to see people riled up; great indicator that the plot Is getting real juicy.

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It's always good to see people riled up; great indicator that the plot Is getting real juicy.

The drama in the comments complements the drama in the story nicely, doesn't it.

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What started as a great series is DRAMA DRAMA DRAMA DRAMA DRAMA sheesh Im thinking about quitting this Manga

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What started as a great series is DRAMA DRAMA DRAMA DRAMA DRAMA sheesh Im thinking about quitting this Manga

Citrus was always a drama right from the beginning, but I agree the recent growth of drama is a bit annoying. Since I really loved Citrus, when I first read it, I'm going to finish it.

I'm also really loving Mei's development.

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What started as a great series is DRAMA DRAMA DRAMA DRAMA DRAMA sheesh Im thinking about quitting this Manga

It's flip flopped the whole time. It was WAY worse before Mei and Yuzu became official. I thought it was sad, yet sweet how Mei cried for Yuzu in her wedding dress.

And I understand why she's afraid to go against her grandfather, he has control over many aspects of her life due to being a family member, and is a jerk.

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It doesn't feel overly dramatic to me not, like everyone claims anyway, I've read waaay worse

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I am loving all this drama, to be honest, in my opinion this manga has a very structured storyline and sensible characters, so I am really not scared that something out of the norm of Yuriness will happen, unlike in Netsuzou Trap where anything can happen, and will keep you on the edge because the main characters have a very unstable personalities which can lead to pregnancies, violence, death, self mutilation and whatnots.

So, right now I am interested how much Saburo Uta Sensei will stretch this plot, hoping for a more deep and complicated storyline, you know, just to make it all worth while before the happy ending.

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Mei's reaction when she saw yuzu got me dead

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I feel like the series is going to end after this arc.

Personally, I think the series was primarily meant to portray Mei's growth as an individual, and this is the perfect setup for it. This is her chance to prove that she can make her own decisions and become her own person instead of becoming someone that everyone else expects her to be. This is her opportunity to show that she can find her own happiness without someone else deciding it for her.

None of this could've been accomplished without Yuzu's help.

I want to see Mei find her own voice and stand up to her grandfather. I want to see Mei use all of the strength and support she has received from Yuzu over the course of the series to carve her own path for the future. I want to see Mei... finally realize that she is not alone.

Earlier, I had a crazy idea that the arc was going to play out like this:

  • Mei will keep everything to herself, as usual, and gradually become more distant towards Yuzu.
  • Yuzu will pick up on this, and perhaps turn to Tenchou-san (Mei's fiance) for advice.
  • Tenchou, who has been given instructions to not tell Yuzu about Mei's situation, will give some kind of vague, but supportive advice that'll push Yuzu in the right direction.
  • At this point, Mei will either tell Yuzu what's up, or Yuzu will find out by herself through other people (probably the latter).
  • Yuzu and her friends come up with some kind of a grand scheme to stop the arranged marriage. But knowing Yuzu, who has been pushing for freedom throughout the entire series, might try to help and free the entire student body from their fiances.
  • Mei, inspired by this, realizes that she needs to finally take action for once. Perhaps she'll try to call off the engagement with tenchou (who has never liked his strict upbringing and planned future). Tenchou might feel moved by this, and agree to it, vowing to carve his own path along the way.
  • And if the student body sees Mei calling off her own engagement, they might be inspired to do the same as well.
  • But the problem still remains: If Shou and Mei both refuse to take over the Aihara academy, then who will do it?

Oh wait!
Don't forget about Aihara Yuzu!

  • Now imagine if Yuzu (who has now vowed to study harder to be seen as Mei's equal) actually took over the school. She could loosen the rules and let girls be girls! Students can finally stop being so uptight! Harumin's sister, who was moved by Yuzu's fighting spirit during the student council election arc, might actually approve of it! Nene can dye her hair blonde again!

Or... or maybe not.

The point is, Mei will most likely find the courage to step up and do something right for the first time in the series. Everyone will be happy.

As a random side note, while I like Harumi's dynamic with Yuzu, I personally can't see myself shipping them. Reason being, Harumi would only hold Yuzu back and stop her from being the person she wants to be. We've seen repeatedly in the series that Harumi has continuously tried to stop Yuzu from being herself (e.g. telling her to not look like a gyaru at school, trying to stop her from running in the student council election, begging her to dye her hair back when her sister visited, etc.), while Mei brings out a better person in Yuzu.

So... fingers crossed for Matsuri x Harumin. :^)

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I still find Mei's development throughout the series amazing. It'd be great if Mei will stand for herself this time.

become her own person instead of becoming someone that everyone else expects her to be

Student council presidents sure have this problem a lot, huh.

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Damn you onion! Go away!

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The story so far has been such a pedestrian coming-of-age soap opera, anyone thinking the author will actually throw all of Mei's character growth in the garbage and go through with a bad end arranged marriage really needs to read more.

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Slow burn stories are the best, the ending gives you so much more satisfaction than a shorter manga could. Girl Friends is my main proof for this. They went through so many problems along the way, just like Yuzu and Mei. I HIGHLY doubt that there will be a bad ending so I’m going to patiently wait for things to fall into place. Bloom Into You and Citrus, I’ll wait for you!

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