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joined Apr 28, 2016

I've been waiting for this.

The scanlation work here is excellent.

joined Apr 1, 2013

I can relate so much to this it's kinda weird, don't know if I will read it all

joined May 13, 2015

I feel with the protagonist. interesting story.

joined Jun 12, 2015

Finally someone picked this up. Now I can see why this is so popular on pixiv and now on Amazon. This is sad, yet interesting story based on the mangaka's real life.

joined Jun 7, 2014

Well that was one hell of a read than my usuals. ^^^Is it really based on mangaka's real life?

Can't wait for the next chapter

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I was more interested in the lesbian prostitute xD

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Christ. I relate to this more than I should, honestly... Nice work, though. Hoping for more soon.

joined Feb 18, 2015

kinda interesting
still wonder how she end up like THAT

joined Dec 15, 2015

Was interesting, I'd like like to read more.
Also, Non moe art here.

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Wow...depressing as fuck fits very well here. That's really interesting and captivating though, looking forward to reading some more

joined Jan 8, 2016

what the fuck

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Oh hmm.. i recognize that cover art, but I didn't really know anything about this series until now.

Definitely a lot different than I thought it would be, an interesting read nonetheless.

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Honestly, if you or anyone you know acts like this, see a specialist.

joined Aug 9, 2015

I really like how stylised the artwork is, it's refreshing to see something like this every now and then.

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^^^Is it really based on mangaka's real life?

Yes it is. This story was originaly posted on her pixiv. Due to the popularity and community support, Nagata Kabi decided to publish it as tankobon.

An article about this manga and Nagata Kabi's problems:

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Honestly, if you or anyone you know acts like this, see a specialist.

Seconded. A buddy of mine even just checked himself into the emergency room in a similar situation. They won't just tell you to get rest.

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Finally, a translation

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This is a pretty intense story. Very interesting.

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It's sad but not too much, and shows things that other manga failed to show. I like it, and id like to read this to the end.

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Well, at least the narration seems to suggest the writer now has a pretty strong grasp on what they went through (and, I suppose, is comfortable enough with it to publish a whole book about it).

It seems insensitive to say, but it's nice to see someone with all these disorders that has a knack for storytelling. Not only provides us with their understanding of the disorders themselves, but also gives a lot of context about the disorders' origins and effects on everyday life. A lot of artistic works dealing with this subject matter are more... experimental? abstract? whereas this one is a much more grounded, analytical perspective.

Also important to mention it's one of those works where it doesn't matter where it ends up on the spectrum of biography-"Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter." Rather than just a depiction of "whats," it primarily discusses the endless stream of "whys."

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Oh this looks awesome!
I also join the " i feel this character " group

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lmao its fucked up how well this mirrors my early twenties, aced highschool, found out i was a lesbian, dropped out of uni with severe depression drifted for two years and tried to kill myself three times. mental illness is hell and so so many people dont take it as seriously as it should be. Being queer on top of that is even more stress, esp in a country where its unacceptable.

hell even if its acceptable its just another layer of isolation and one more thing your sick brain can latch onto and twist into more misery.

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"But I was happy to be so broken."
I really didn't except this to hit the feels so hard.. This is going to be one heck of a ride.

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This is really good. Didn't expect the shift from "the incident" to the general background bio, but they're both interesting, if straightforward. It describes these things well in a few ways I've never seen before, too...good work by the author and translator.

...And uh, for the record, it is indeed possible to be told by an ER or clinic to "just calm down and get some rest" in situations like that. Their support for mental healthcare varies, especially if you aren't sure exactly "what's wrong" yourself. Specialists are definitely a better option when available (in general, really).

(PSA edit: emergency care > no care > taking medical advice from this post, btw)

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interesting, I am not feeling the Depressing as fuck tags tho. This is not as direly portrayed due to the introspective angle.

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