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romeo and juliet but with lesbians (probably) and in full colour? where do i sign up?

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Was so cute
But it remains me of something that read before
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Himezaki reminds me of Saeki-senpai. I'm at that point that most names are starting to recirculate, so Suzushiro gave me a brief flashback to Mai-HiME, haha.

I'm looking forward to this! Hope our MC isn't a doormat.

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Sorry for my terrible editing. If there's any other groups willing to re-touch it I'm all ears. This is a webtoon, so if you split them up that's how it's going to end up xD

This is fan made, and I don't have time to put 120% effort into it. I want to share with all of you guys out there other mangas/webtoons too, so please forgive my selfishness. Thanks to everyone who has enjoyed it so far, I'm awaiting next week for the next chapter!

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Though the chopping makes reading it a bit jarring, thank you for translating! :3
Nyahaha, these two kiddos are precious. Even if a bit cliche.

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Was so cute
But it remains me of something that read before

Smae i think i read a manga with somewhat same starting before too.

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Really? introduce me more yuri-ness <3

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I'm hanging in for the art. It's different. The drawings feel very light. It's as if the characters are floating over the panels.

Content wise, the chapters are very short. ...which is kinda doubly felt with the format. I dunno.

Like I said, here for the art. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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Argh! The story isn't bad, but the cropping is absolutely painful. What's worse is that there are usually good break points not far from where it gets broken that don't go through the middle of word balloons or panels.

Actually, does dynasty-scans actually need these to get broken up?

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Looking at Himzaki-san kinda reminds of a sheep... Is it just me?

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Hmm, I was wondering if dynasty have a "webtoon" mode/format?

I didn't crop for it to be cut off at such weird weird places, the raws just came like that.

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Actually, does dynasty-scans actually need these to get broken up?

Evidence suggests it doesn't. In this case it seems to be the raws' fault, though.

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I did notice that it was displayed as a single strip on the TLer's website, with only thin black bars between the cuts.

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Ok that was cuute!! But somehow the pages seems to be cut

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Anyone wants to read the rest of them? XD

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Anyone wants to read the rest of them? XD

I'd love to do so, but do you have the rest?

EDIT: Changing the way i wrote the question, i think it sounded rude earlier.

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La Aoi Beau Chico
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loving the character art

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Okisaki's a masochist?! XD

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It's cute. Very sweet. Though questions about Yukino's mom and Nobara's parents remain unanswered. Nobara's so strong. I wonder if she's really human?

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It never ceases to amuse me how sleazy these random guys are in yuri manga, and how they all seem to have the same kind of outfit to highlight that.

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Who crop these images! Are you idiot! It really piss me off. This editor should be retired already.

Even me can do it better than this.

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This is such a cute read goodness!

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Starting to like this quite a bit... So I was very, very happy to see this...umm... chapter-rush?

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oooo I love this a lot. cheesy slow burn? gimme gimme

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