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I get the impression that the author of this wants this to be (or thinks that it is) the same kind of comedy as Bright and Cheery Amnesia, but it fails to hit the mark. Instead it just ends up sort of frustrating.

Yeah, I think the next chapters might be confessions in ridiculous ways and getting shot down by insecurity. Like I said in my post it could be great comedy, but I'm not sure the author can pull it off. Or maybe it is lost in translation.

The spike in post count certainly indicates that most people found the chapter kinda annoying

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Yeah that trope is fatigued beyond hope.
Either this now turns into a great comedy, gets resolved in the next few chapters or I'm dropping this.

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I understand and I also hope things will conclusively develop before Koyuki graduates. Still, there's a year and three months left before that happens and only six months have currently passed in-story and I feel like things have been developing at a nice pace so far. This chapter seems like a pretty important turning point for Koyuki's character if she's come to accept that it's okay to stop putting on an act in front of others, so hopefully from now on she can be more open with Konatsu as well.

Well if you put it that way ^^
I must admit I'm not all to familiar with the Japanese school system.
What is bothering me: there is nothing keeping them apart except themselves lol.
Literally every other character is shipping them, even their parents. They are stuck in their club room together, alone every school day. What do they even do on weekends? Dream of each other instead of inviting them over during club activities?
And all one of them has to say is "hey, I kinda like being with you".
And as a shy person I know that can be hard, but 6 months! And for 3 months they weren't even sure if the other party like them :')
Hell Konatsu even said that she liked her in the lizard story chapter and Koyuki was still questioning it. what else is she supposed to do girl, jump you?

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Yeah, depends on the Manga. Sometimes it's all about the journey.
Tho I must admit I'm more likely to re-read things that end well.

I liked the journey here at the beginning, but it's starting to get tiresome when progress advances at a snails pace. Add that their school is advancing faster than everything else in this and I think you understand why people would be frustrated. The journey keeps dragging on, only to be cut short by school and leaving the MCs romance in shambles.

And the whole "I had to leave but IOU. Let's start a life after graduating" is sadly an all to common trope. This story would deserve better.

Still like the manga and will continue it till the bitter end

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This comments section is kinda bipolar, I wonder which side will triumph in the end.

I mean everyone is hoping for the Yuri end, no triumph in defeat lol.

Pray to cthulhu that Koyuki grows some internal balls, kabedons the shit out of Konatsu in front of the assembled school and forces her to hold hands

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Predicting the end right now.
Koyuki graduates, got a lot more confidence thanks to Konatsu and leaves the island to go to university.
There just won't be a romantic end to this manga. I don't feel it. The author has dragged their relationship on forever without much progress, can't see a surprise I love you end.

And that's why this will never be more than a subtext tag.

Edit: without much progress to the relationship, Koyuki has certainly had character development thanks to Konatsu

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