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Aww Anon is trying her best to look bad and all. Lol that's adorable :)

I know, right? (。◕‿◕。)

Look's never mattered in the first place, So no worries ^^

So so true

That zombie heart was never "innocent" in the first place (¬ ͜ʖ¬)

(✿☉。☉) Damn, busted!

I've seen you flirt with other members like none and Neko chan, but mostly none.

Hey! Neko chan is family! There was never any flirting involved! (♡´౪`♡)
And awwww.... none... It's been a while...
The moment I started talking about masturbation she ran out of here as fast as she could and never came back... no fun at all... (๑•́ ₃ •̀๑)


Why are you so lewd I wonder? The world may never know!

… must be genes, I guess... Perverted little undead genes... I'm a really kinky zombie, you know (┌゚д゚)┌


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Duh, Anon is a Zombie, she's already lost a lot of her organs.

That's true. Most of my intestines, my common sense along with my common decency, an ear or two (can't really see), definitely a hand, my prostate - oh, no wait, that one was never mine to begin with - and my vision has blurred over time as well...
But for me it's just all about satisfaction now. Looks don't matter much anymore. Hedonism rulez! ٩(♡ε♡ )

What else could she possibly loose from watching a simple R rated Marvel movie?

… my innocent little zombie heart.... maybe... it could be tainted... but you probably wouldn't be able to see it underneath all of that rotting flesh anyway, so... who cares! ^^

Wait wasn't Anon zombie since time immemorial?

My name is madness and I am older than time itself!




… ooohhh.... come here! (っ๑•́ ₃ •̀๑ )っ

( ╹◡╹)づ( ;~; )
All's good now!

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^ so no one remembers that. No wonder why we have shitty zombie movies and games nowadays.

Stubbs the Zombie though


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@ Old Fart

Heh. Its weird, but I am more into Superheroes now at my age than I was as a kid.

It's the same for me, I guess.
Of course I saw the occasional superhero cartoon on tv when I was a kid. But I never really cared much about it. And I never read any of the comic books either. But nowadays I do enjoy watching a superhero movie every once in a while. I'm still not hyped and I, by far, haven't seen them all but I can appreciate them.
However, since I don't really know any of the source material, I'm not really qualified to actually judge the quality of each adaption.


But Deadpool though.

Have to admit that I never watched that one...
... maybe I should...

You probably shouldn't

But now I did ( ⚆ _ ⚆ )


@ ZuljinRaynor

I think Dark Knight is a good movie, but the only thing worthwhile from it is Heath Ledger's performance. Throwing in Two-Face into that movie really drags it down as that whole part feels rushed and tacked on and not as cohesive as the rest of the film was.

Not just Heath Ledger but Christian Bale as well. I really liked him as Batman.
As a movie fan, The Dark Knight came pretty close to perfection for me. Feeling wise. (For me it's all about the feels ^^)
To me that one wasn't just a good superhero flick, I think even across genres it is a really great movie. One that I would recommend even to people who usually don't like comic book adaptions...
It felt real to me. Not too fantasy-like. The character development was satisfying. The acting was great and I just loved the overall darkness of it. That's just my personal opinion of course, but it's one of those rare movies that I still like to re-watch every now and then.
Maybe the Two-Face part was a little rushed but to me the whole thing still felt well balanced overall. (Again, I don't know the comic books, so I can't really tell whether or not it did the characters justice)

Winter Solider is way better than The First Avenger. Like, I didn't like the First Avenger the first time I saw it all that much. Now I like it more, but Winter Solider is a better film. It's more of a Bourne style movie than a superhero movie though.

I guess that means that Winter Soldier is the next one on my list then ;)

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@ OriginalGengar

Damn, you ranked Earp higher than Orphan Black? That's pretty surprising to hear.

I'm kinda surprised too. ^^ Never would have thought I'd ever say something like that while watching the start of Wynonna Earp. But it's one of those shows that seem to get better with every episode (so far at least, we're only at season 2). And I was only talking about the first episode of the new season as well.
Overall I find it pretty hard to compare Wynnona Earp with Orphan Black. Two completely different shows. But entertainment wise, yes, the season opener of Earp beat Orphan Black in my opinion. On a fun-to-watch scale ;)

But yeah, definitely gonna wait this time. Waiting for the Wentworth finale is killing me right now haha.

… tomorrow is the night! ^^
I still totally hate Vera for bringing the Freak back to life... O_o
I so hope they're going to kill her again in the final episode.
After everything she's done she'd deserve to die twice t(-__-t)

Speaking of OITNB though, felt it went kinda downhill when they decided to focus on the drama over the comedy in the later half (though the horror-themed episode was amazing). Still pretty enjoyable and a really nice season finale, even if the cliffhanger felt kinda meh.

True, they did kinda neglect the comedy factor near the end... But I still liked it very much. I feel that the drama started to get heavier ever since season 3. I actually kinda liked that change. Season 4 sometimes even felt too real, drama wise. Too painful... T_T
The horror theme was fun to watch until Piscatella started to cut Reds hair - the fun ended right there... But it was a cool idea.
And I agree, the cliffhanger at the end wasn't needed. That's what I loved so much about season 2 – that ending was awesome. It wrapped all the drama up nicely and still managed to make you look forward to the next season. Perfect!

So... say! Who was your favorite riot gang? ;)

But Deadpool though.

By now I've even seen Deadpool! (^∇^)
I definitely don't regret watching it.
Before the movie came out I'd never even heard of that character before, so I can't say anything about how good the actual adaption is but it was fun to watch. Didn't disappoint.
The story wasn't really deep, true, but it is a movie based on a comic book about a weird not-superhero so yeah... I also agree that I wasn't expecting anything like a overwhelmingly deep storyline. The comedy never made me laugh out loud but I had to smile a lot and I never felt bored.
It was a really nice change compared to some of the other movies based on comic books. The bad guys got what they deserved and not just a slap across the butt and a nice prison cell that they can break out of in no time. ^^
Definitely one of the better (not) superhero movies. Pretty diverting overall! d (^‿^ )

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Still haven't seen Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 or Wonder Woman. Hope to get around to seeing them before they leave the theaters. Though, in all honesty, my favorite super hero movie (and I didn't read super hero comics as a kid) has to be Captain America: The Winter Soldier. It just scratches a certain itch....

Talking to you people makes me realize how many superhero movies I have missed (^∇^)

Well... I never tried to watch them all... But I did give the first Captain America movie with Chris Evans a try... didn't really click with me somehow though... that's why I never bothered to watch Winter Soldier.

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But Deadpool though.

Have to admit that I never watched that one...
... maybe I should...

But hey, while you're around ^^ Just watched the first episode of Wynonna Earp S2. It was as fun (and silly) as ever!!! (^_^)b Loved it!
With all of the shows that recently started airing again, this one was my favorite first episode. Followed by Orphan Black and OitnB.
And you chose to wait... ;) (But now you at least know that it'll be worth it) (◦’ںˉ◦)

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Just came back from watching Wonder Woman.
Gotta say, really good movie!
Best superhero movie I've seen ever since Batman - The Dark Knight came out.
Totally recommend it!

I really hope FarhaFiasco is okay!

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@ FarhaFiasco

Best of luck! I really hope everything goes well for you! ೕ(•̀ᴗ•́)

Totally admire your courage!
You're awesome! ◟(◔ั₀◔ั )◞ ༘♡ So please, hang in there! And always remember you're not alone!!!

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Good to know I'm not the only one who really likes it haha. Still have 7 episodes to go but am pretty surprised by how much I enjoyed the first 6.

Yeah, it sucked me right back in too.
I'm at episode 10 already. Excited about watching the last few tonight.
But then... 12 months of waiting again... Yay... T_T

@ Nezchan

Not sure if you'll see this but just in case:
Blame! is already out on Netflix if you're interested in watching it...
As a fan of the manga I'm not sure if I would recommend it though... It was okay. Not great. Expectations are a bitch, I guess ;)

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Apparently everybody hates OITNB season 5.

Not me.
I find the new format to be interesting. Nice change of pace for a while.
Also pretty clever, since Piper only has about 3 months left in prison, so that's a way to "extend" her stay ^^
Season 4 is still my favorite though.

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Oh boy... I've been away from this thread for too long... O_O Missed so many comments!

@ Neko chan

sorry I've I'm having exams now so I'm busy more I guess =A= and sleepy.

No idea if exam time is still ongoing on your end but I hope you've been doing great! And I wish you all the best! ٩(。•ω•。)

gotta start watching the walking dead man ;-; also a good suggestion for you, Happy Valley, Catherine is so amazing! its on Netflix too, I recommend ahah xx

Thanks for the suggestion! (´◔౪◔) Will definitely check it out!

nah I was a bit demonic looking with my slick back hair xD
but here ;3
im the kid on the left

You were a really cute kid! (♥ε♥) Totally gorgeous! Thanks for the picture! d (^‿^✿)
But there must have been a very delicious cake standing right in front of the camera judging by the look on your face (^∇^)

@ yukito

Well I'm officially going to graduate from high school tommorow AND.THAT.IS.TERRIFYING !!!

Hey! Congrats on graduating!!!!! (•̀ᴗ•́)و ̑̑
… it is indeed a very peculiar time... It can make you feel happy, proud, lonely and anxious at the same time... (๑•́ ₃ •̀๑)
But I hope you enjoy your summer vacation!

@ Kyonne

I'm not one to talk about myself much, but i'd like to talk a little about my house
It's a fairly big house and has a nice mango tree in our backyard, been there since we moved here 21 years ago, it's a really nice tree, look at it
Ain't it nice?
I love it

I wouldn't mind you sending some delicious mangos over! (๑°o°๑)
That's a pretty impressive tree indeed! It seems pretty attracted to your house though (◦’ںˉ◦) But it does look cool. Totally makes me wanna climb it. ^^

@ MattoMaindo

Got a new gaming rig, able to play GameCube games and stuff like Killer is Dead (as seen with my new profile pic). Must say, well worth it.


Long time no see!
How have you been?


I keep my fingers crossed for you on the upcoming election! (╬ Ò ‸ Ó)

@ Galich & Blackkitty

( ▼∀▼)ノ
I hope you two are doing good!

@ Everyone else

Have a great weekend!!! ✌(◕‿-)✌

And here, have a song:

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joined Jun 22, 2016

Whenever you start feeling old just remember that age ain't nothing but a number ೕ(•̀ᴗ•́)

I wanna be at least half as cool as her when I grow old ^^

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@ Neko

Chibnone Im really sorry idk what this name is XD

( ಠ_ರೃ) Neither do I... ^^

You were such a cute kid then! @w@

I really was, wasn't I! (◦’ںˉ◦)
But it wore off with every additional year... twice the speed after I started school...
Nowadays, I look like this

T_T Sad story...

I wonder how I looked like, if i ever find any pics I'll show you guys XD !

Yes, please do!!! I'd love to see that! (♡´౪`♡)
I bet you were hella cute too! (o^-^o)

Oh well, You're young at heart XD ! s...since I only know how you look like as a baby I might aswell imagine you like that when I'm talking to you now ahah ;3, baby Anon =//w//= ~<3

Well... you wouldn't be too far off, I guess ^^
You can still see the similarities. The big eyes and the small nose are still there... Just my eyebrows are much darker now and my chin area is a little more distinctive nowadays too. And the shape of my lips has changed as well. But apart from that... (^∇^) you just have to add the dark circles around the eyes. And you're all good! (^_-)b

it goes like :D
my little Brother (11)
me (17)
my older sister (21)
nii-chan (28)

Ah, so you also have a much older brother... same as me. He became kinda like a second father figure to me...

Σ(;Φ ω Φ) did you know I was doing it all night, you espa QHQ! ....Well, I heard the birds, but the sun was still down, I managed to complete two essays in one night and still get 3 hours of sleep! Procrastination is over 9000 TT//w//TT I don't even know if that ok anymore ahahaha

Poor girl... T_T I soooo was the same back in school and college... It's a habit that's really hard to get rid of somehow... But at least you still got things done! d(^_^“)

@ Blackkitty

why the age talk? :(
now I feel depressed...
(disclaimer: recently got almost a decade older than Neko...)



Everyone there are shipping polls on r/rwby and despite being completely meaningless I would feel validated if White Rose and Bumblebee won theirs so go vote

Who's that...?

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@ Neko

noooo but....really? XD I'm gullible don't tease me like that ;3

Yup, that really is totally me. No kidding.
I just recently went through some childhood pics with my mom. And I took a couple of pictures.
So that's actually a picture of a picture of me ^^
I also got one where I kinda look like the real life Maggie Simpson.
And another one with 3 soothers in my mouth (^∇^) I always had a big mouth ^^
They always told me the story that they once gave me 5 lollipops and I put them all in my mouth at once (@_º)
I was a weird kid ^^

That's so cute ahah XD the lil Anon, not like im one to call you lil, but chibi Anon could work ^A^ heh

Well... unfortunately I'm not that little anymore ^^ But yeah, I'm the youngest. I guess it left it's marks here and there (´⊙ω⊙`)
And what about you?
You said you have a little brother but you also have an older one, right? So... you're Neko in the Middle then? ( ˆ▿ˆ)

I will do, I'd love to share my thoughts on it with you guys, its on the que after i finish orphan black :D

How far have you gotten? Which season?

I know I'm so behind I'm a disgrace QwQ

Ah, don't worry! I also only watched it recently.

How did it go with your essays and the speech yesterday?
Did you manage to finish before the sun came up? ;)

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@ OriginalGengar

Still gonna do it though, probably gonna use the time Thurday I usually use to stare at my screen and feel empty cause I just finished the episode and can't watch another one. Not like I'm obsessed or anything though.

I really wish I knew nothing about that feeling... ^^"
Totally love it when a show makes you feel like you actually have an interesting life for 5 minutes and then it ends and you realize you don't (^∇^)

Just watched the new episode. It was good but they still like their melodrama ^^ But hopefully Kaz will now stop to blame Mr. Jackson for absolutely everything

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There can never be enough number 9s ^^

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@ Neko

who dis?! not a child molester i swear Q//A//Q)/

^_^ That's me, back when I was still a little kid (obviously) ;)

ppssshhh no......maybe.................. yes

I see! ^^ So nothing has changed (^∇^)
But don't stay up all night again ;)

aw I remember SF scolding you for not going out to the cinema with her some time ago ahah (=`ω´=) But thats good, I'm waiting for the day the same things happens with me and my little brother! since his only 11 his pretty annoying and all but I bet he'll grow up to be a great guy....I hope XD

If he's anything like his big sister then I'm sure as hell he will! No worries! (◦’ںˉ◦) b

may i ask if its a younger or older sister of yours ;3 ?

Of course you may! ^^
It's my older sister.
I only have older siblings. I'm the spoiled little nestling (。◕‿◕。)

Well I'll have to check it out then won't I :D ! hopefully its on Netflix I'm assuming :

Great! (o^-^o)

Please let us know what you think when you do!
Netflix... I'm not sure. You have to check.

fuck the doctor though =^._.^= What an asshole he was

He sure was! And he was so self-righteous the whole time! Like their lives didn't matter at all – he was doing something for the greater good.... Bastard!

@ SF

#10: Nezchan x Bread
#9: Seria x Faust
#8: Original Genger x Es0teric
#9: yukito x ZuljinRaynor
#7 Choclatecakelover x Blackkitty

#6 oliver x Z.Long
#5 Neko chan x Nevri
#4 Utoptia x His Hand
#3 Anon x **none
#2 Rina x Netsuzou Trap
#1 drpepperfan x Dr Pepper

Really love number 4! (¬‿¬)

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@ Neko

Anon the unknown beaty ;3

There's nothing unknown about it!
Here you can see me in all of my glory ^^
That was just a couple of days back ;)

awww I'm really sorry about before actually, I read my previous stuff and I looked like such a depressed lil rat haha QwQ

Why feel sorry about it? It's okay to feel bad sometimes too ^^ Not especially fun for yourself maybe but totally okay. And it's even more okay to talk about it. So nothing to feel sorry about at all! (^_-)v

I hope so too honestly! XD Exams are coming up for me and since I'm actually in the middle of writing two essays and a Russian speech I though I'd pop in to see my favourite people on the internet ;)

I see. Busy little bee, just as always. Poor girl! T_T
But the shitty weather you mentioned is a good reason to stay inside and get things done at least! ^^“
Hang in there!
(You're secretly trying to procrastinate again, aren't you...?) ;)

weeelll it was pretty bad at one point actually XD So bad she said she'd never take my best friend on trips with us again actually Q/-/Q but I guess my mum and best friend are just people too diffrent for each other? :o...

Sounds about right! ^^ Just like me and my sister. Total opposite in that regard, which lead to a lot of conflict back when we were still living together. Ever since we live apart we get along just fine (^_-)b But you just can't bring people like that together (^∇^)

We have our ups and downs in the baordom scale I guess, I feel like that too sometimes expect college mostly doesn't let me, boredom gets trumped by stress XD

True, unfortunately ^^
But yeah, college is just such a stressful time (when you take it seriously at least) that it's really hard to feel bored during those years...

What did Gengar recommend you?? (=゜ω゜)

Wentworth! (^___^)b
An Australian TV show about a bunch of women in prison with many great actors and a really intense story. It totally wrecked me ^^
I heard him talking about it a couple of times before but after I read what it was about I never really felt the urge to actually watch it – even though he said how awesome it was.
But this time when he mentioned it again, I said that I'd just see for myself and go for it this time and I absolutely don't regret it! (ღˇ◡ˇ)~♥
I totally recommend the first 4 seasons. Not so sure about the fifth season yet (it's currently running) but the completed ones are great! Just don't expect a fluffy time. It's brutal and gut-wrenching. (。☬0☬。)

Also yes I saw! I'm glad you liked it ;w; I was a little confused about the concept they were portraying about the after world and even moooooree about then ending but like, who knows, right? XD

Yeah, it was an interesting ride. But it felt really different. Pretty experimental.
But really cool acting-wise. With all of those dance performances...
The ending also left me feeling confused, which is why I'm still not 100 % sure how I feel about the show as a whole. Especially since the ending left more questions behind than it gave answers...
I don't regret watching it though.

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@ Neko - The awesome bootie cutie!!!

(◦’ںˉ◦) v

Ah you guys are as lively as ever I see >w< hehe I'm actually pretty good! :D I came back from Tenerife like a week ago and got back into the college routine pretty fast but well, I can't speak too soon since its only the first week TT//w//TT I went on holiday with my best friend and it was soooo good to see her again QwQ

◟(◔ั₀◔ั )◞ ༘♡
I'm so glad you were having a great time!! And together with your best friend at that!!! Especially since you seemed a bit troubled before that. You definitely deserved that break!
Now I just hope you won't have too much stress again any time soon... Let the fun continue! ೕ(•̀ᴗ•́)

but well, my mum and bff got into a couple of arguments cuz she didn't want to wake up early to go out sometimes, she's a nocturnal creature ya see XD

(^∇^) Then your mom definitely wouldn't get along with me as well! I'm totally the same! ^^
But I hope it wasn't too bad (๑•́ ₃ •̀๑)

How are you doing dearest Anon-chan >//w//<''

Oh, you! ;)
I'm doing good, thank you! My life got back to being a little boring again lately, but Gengar totally saved me from the boredom by recommending a totally awesome show. So I had an incredibly entertaining week thanks to him.
Oh, and I don't know if you've seen that post of mine a while ago, but I also watched The OA.
Nice one too!

ohh its too late for him now
:< ̄`ヽ、       / ̄>
 ゝ、  \ /⌒ヽ,ノ  /´
   ゝ、 `( ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) /
     >     ,ノ
there is no escaping the eternal love ;3

d (^‿^✿)


Choci, my bestie!!! ヾ(^∇^)

I'd assumed there were a bunch of deleted posts so was just confused tbh

Nah, it's okay. ^^ The story of my life ;)
I've always been the one laughing the most about my own jokes (^∇^)
Sometimes I can't even finish telling them because I'm just laughing too hard! ^^
I can't help it. I'm just too damn funny for my own good, you know (* ̄∇ ̄*)

I hope you're enjoying May Day today! At least the weather here in Germany is good today. So it's pretty nice over here (^_-)b

@ SF

And congratulations on you and Anon as well! You two are #3 in my Top 10 Favorite OTP's of Dynasty!

Oh well... at least I don't mind the constellation ;)
But you forgot one important fact: I'm not one to be shipped! ^^

… so... tell me! Who are the first two...?
Really curious!

@ OriginalGengar

I'm totally gonna answer you eventually but you wrote a lot and I don't have half an hour to write right now.

Don't worry! You don't have to reply to all of that! ^^
I just wanted to give you at least some of my thoughts since you were the one recommending that show to me. But we don't have to analyze every bit of it now because of that, no worries.
Oh, and I'm totally up to date by now btw. I've seen the new episodes of season 5 too. (^_^)b

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What does your intellect have to do with masturbation

Intellect has everything to do with masturbation. If you masturbate the right way it could be the best night (or day) of your life!

Right! ^^
Surveys reveal that many women have the best orgasms with themselves. They can't rely on you guys for stuff like that! Otherwise they totally would be left out in the cold (¬‿¬)

Don't you want het girls to have at least a little bit of fun...?

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What does your intellect have to do with masturbation lmao, that's a strange analogy. Unless it's about intellectual onanism. Would be surprising from a zombie though ;)

See? It's already showing ^^
My bad English proved the point ;)

You said that masturbation was funny in itself. And I replied so is my intellect - it's funny in itself. But that doesn't prevent me from joking about my own intelligence either. That's what I meant.

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No need to make joke about it, masturbation is funny in itself.

So is my intellect. But it's still fun to joke about it ( ˆ▿ˆ)

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... no one...? For real...? (õ_ó)
Am I really the only one who thinks masturbation jokes are funny...? (^∇^)
Must be my German humor, huh? ;)

Fap Fap Fap

It's only sexy when girls do it! (¬‿¬)