Tag › Yuri

Female + female relationship(s).
Should be mostly explanatory when reading the chapter/series.
Does NOT matter what the setting is, just needs to have a relationship involving two women (or those who identify as women).

Should NOT be paired with the futanari tag unless there is somehow a separate relationship that does not involve futanari.

Sanya's Ass by Glastonbury1966 Strike Witches Doujin released Oct 7 '16 Anal Dicks on page 13 Eila x Sanya Lots of sex NSFW Toys Watersports Yuri
I Love the Gentle Aoba-chan...!? by Amedamacon New Game Doujin released Oct 6 '16 Aoba x Hifumi Masturbation NSFW Yuri
Mistress-Maid Yuriyuri Manga by Mira Original Doujin released Oct 5 '16 Big breasts Lots of sex Maid NSFW Reversal Yuri
I Drew A MioAi Comic by Kyouno The Idolmaster Doujin released Oct 5 '16 Aiko x Mio Blushing Yuri
Talon Tracer x D.va by Ryuin123 Overwatch Doujin released Oct 4 '16 BDSM D.va x Tracer Drama NSFW Yuri
Showcase Girl by Shimazaki released Oct 4 '16 Animal ears Ecchi Yuri
Library×Kiss×YoshiMaru by Mezashi Love Live! Doujin and Love Live! Sunshine!! Doujin released Oct 4 '16 Blushing Hanamaru x Yoshiko Kabedon Moe up the butt Romance Yuri
The Fuso Navy Sergeant Miyafuji Yoshika by LEE Strike Witches Doujin released Oct 3 '16 Big breasts Lynne x Yoshika NSFW Yuri
Let's celebrate Princess Fuji's birthday! by Mukiki Kindred Spirits on the Roof Doujin released Oct 3 '16 Ano x Hina Ano x Nena Ano x Yuna Full colour Yuri
ReiMiyu Are Too Erotic by Tima The Idolmaster Doujin released Oct 3 '16 Full colour Miyu x Reiko Yuri
Baby Sweet Berry Love by Kohagura Nanoha Doujin released Oct 2 '16 Full colour Nanoha x Fate Yuri
The Inside of the Person I Love by Mountain Pukuichi released Sep 30 '16 School girl Yuri
Mono-Eye by Harumachi Tsurara released Sep 29 '16 Drugs Gay for pay Het on page 5 Lots of sex NSFW Reversal Toys Yandere Yuri
About Yui and Mika, And Syuko And Kanade by Yuika The Idolmaster Doujin released Sep 29 '16 Kanade x Syuko Mika x Yui Yuri
Natural Mokou-Killer by Chihagura Touhou Project Doujin released Sep 29 '16 Blushing Comedy Ecchi Kaguya x Mokou Yuri
Room of Pleasure by Pandacorya Original Doujin released Sep 28 '16 Dark skin Delinquent Lots of sex NSFW School girl Threesome Yuri
Each Other's Guardians by Ogino Jun released Sep 27 '16 Action Drama Ecchi School girl Supernatural Tsundere Yuri
Welcome Home by Kalkan Kantai Collection Doujin released Sep 27 '16 Drama Hayashimo x Shiranui Yuri
Ninomiya Asuka Yearns For Shirasaka Koume by Mizumi The Idolmaster Doujin released Sep 27 '16 Asuka x Koume Blushing Moderate amounts of sex NSFW Yuri
Far away and right besides by Atoki Touhou Project Doujin released Sep 27 '16 Reimu x Yukari Yuri
Nanto Amakute by Satsuki Suzuran Senki Zesshou Symphogear Doujin released Sep 27 '16 Kirika x Shirabe Yuri
Fizzing Soda, a Summer Motif by Matsushita Mai Original Doujin released Sep 27 '16 Romance School girl Yuri
The Sea and a Bouquet by Mashiro Yumi The Idolmaster Doujin released Sep 26 '16 Blushing Rin x Uzuki Yuri
Miracle Sweet Magical Fragrance by Kazuma Muramasa PreCure Doujin released Sep 26 '16 Lots of sex Mirai x Riko NSFW Reversal Toys Yuri
Kokoro no Doukasen | The Heart's Fuse by NOTO and ababari Aikatsu! Doujin released Sep 26 '16 Akari x Sumire Lots of sex NSFW Romance Vampire Yuri