Tag › Yuri

Female + female relationship(s).
Should be mostly explanatory when reading the chapter/series.
Does NOT matter what the setting is, just needs to have a relationship involving two women (or those who identify as women).

Should NOT be paired with the futanari tag unless there is somehow a separate relationship that does not involve futanari.

Kase-san ch23: Cherry Blossoms and Kase-san (Part 2) by Takashima Hiromi released Mar 10 '17 Blushing Comedy Romance School life Tomboy Yuri
Syrupy Love ch06 by Gyuunyuu Linda released Mar 8 '17 Aaaaaangst Drama Moderate amounts of sex NSFW Rape School girl Yuri
It Would Be Great if You Didn't Exist ch13 by Carbonara released Mar 8 '17 Adult life Bisexual Comedy Full colour Read left to right Yuri
Pranking the Pranker by Mochi Au Lait Original Doujin released Mar 8 '17 Blushing Bullying Comedy Reversal School girl Yuri
A Story of Eirin and Keine by Unya Touhou Project Doujin released Mar 8 '17 Eirin x Keine Kaguya x Mokou Romance Yuri
Secret Flowers ch11 by Goyac Yuru Yuri Doujin released Mar 7 '17 Big breasts Himawari x Sakurako Lots of sex NSFW Yuri
Magical Lily by Oimo Magical Girl Raising Project Doujin released Mar 7 '17 Gender bender Koyuki x Souta Lots of sex NSFW Yuri
School Idol Days S ch02 by Kyozip Love Live! Sunshine!! Doujin released Mar 7 '17 Chika x Riko Chika x You Drama Love triangle Yandere Yuri
Our Journey to Lesbian Motherhood ch01: I Want a Baby by Higashi Koyuki, Masuhara Hiroko, and Sugiyama Emiko released Mar 7 '17 Adult life Marriage Non-moe art Yuri
Reimu x Cirno by Kurobane Touhou Project Doujin released Mar 6 '17 4-koma Cirno x Reimu Comedy Ecchi Full colour Image set Yuri
Futari Nara by Mountain Pukuichi Original Doujin released Mar 6 '17 Bullying NSFW School girl Sequel Yuri
It Would Be Great if You Didn't Exist ch12 by Carbonara released Mar 6 '17 Adult life Bisexual Comedy Full colour Read left to right Yuri
Yuzu Shibari by Inoue Yoshihisa Girls und Panzer Doujin released Mar 5 '17 BDSM Lots of sex Momo x Yuzu NSFW Yuri
Sakura Trick ch48 by Tachi (tabbo) released Mar 5 '17 4-koma Anime Comedy Lots of kissing Romance School life Yuri
Two Spirals: First Part by Hattori Masahiko released Mar 4 '17 Drama School girl Science babies Sequel Tomboy Yuri
Scandal by Gotou Yuuki released Mar 4 '17 Drama Idol Yuri
MizuLillie Resort by Ooshima Tomo Pokémon Doujin released Mar 4 '17 Beach Lillie x Protagonist Swimsuits Yuri
A Lifeform in Puberty - Vega ch02 by Hayashiya Shizuru released Mar 3 '17 Alien Comedy School life Sci-fi Superhero Yuri
Brilliant this time by Yanagi Yuu PreCure Doujin released Mar 2 '17 Lots of sex NSFW Nao x Reika Toys Yuri
Bloom Into You ch20: Balancing a Triangle by Nakatani Nio released Mar 2 '17 Romance School life Student council Yuri
Yuri Mekuru Oshigoto ch08 by Mizuki Reona released Mar 2 '17 Comedy School girl Sequel What the fuck am I reading? Yuri
obsessed by Kon The Idolmaster Doujin released Mar 1 '17 Aaaaaangst Cheating Dicks on page 5 Kanade x Minami Kanade x Minami x Syuko Lots of sex NSFW Threesome Toys Yuri
Kimi no Tame nara Shineru: Volume 3 Extra by Kuzushiro released Mar 1 '17 4-koma Age gap Comedy Historical Yuri
Together with Hecaa-chan! by Sayakata Tea Mansion Touhou Project Doujin released Feb 28 '17 Comedy Hecatia x Junko Slice of life Yuri
Liberty ch01 by Kitta Izumi and Momono Moto released Feb 27 '17 Adult life Yuri