Tag › Yuri

Female + female relationship(s).
Should be mostly explanatory when reading the chapter/series.
Does NOT matter what the setting is, just needs to have a relationship involving two women (or those who identify as women).

Should NOT be paired with the futanari tag unless there is somehow a separate relationship that does not involve futanari.

Love Storm by Nagisora Riku The Idolmaster Doujin released Mar 17 '17 Rin x Uzuki Yuri
Swap ⇔ Swap ch20 by Tomekichi released Mar 17 '17 4-koma Big breasts Body swap Comedy Lots of kissing School life Slice of life Supernatural Yuri
MizuLilli Refresh by Ooshima Tomo Pokémon Doujin released Mar 16 '17 Bath Lillie x Protagonist Yuri
A Kiss And A White Lily ch29: A Misfortune with a Taste of Sin by Canno released Mar 16 '17 Comedy Drama Love triangle Polyamory Romance School girl School life Tsundere Yuri
Alien Girl by Hushabye Valley Original Doujin released Mar 16 '17 Alien Comedy Ecchi Full colour Image set Lots of kissing Monster girl Yuri
LOVE!LOVE!FESTIVAL!! 4 by Cheewts Love Live! Doujin released Mar 15 '17 Food Full colour Honoka x Kotori x Umi NSFW Threesome Watersports Yuri
Hana and Hina After School ch14 by Morinaga Milk released Mar 15 '17 Co-worker Comedy Drama Romance School life Yuri
Syrupy Love ch07 by Gyuunyuu Linda released Mar 15 '17 Aaaaaangst Drama Moderate amounts of sex NSFW School girl Yuri
Butterfly Effect by yunyun0722 Overwatch Doujin released Mar 15 '17 Aaaaaangst Age gap D.Va x Mercy Depressing as fuck Drama Read left to right Tragedy Violence Yuri
As Our Lives Become Interwoven by tMnR Love Live! Doujin released Mar 15 '17 Eli x Umi Sequel Yuri
Stay As You Are, My Dearest by Nagisora Riku Love Live! Doujin released Mar 15 '17 Honoka x Umi Yuri
The only lonely SANYANIST by Glastonbury1966 Strike Witches Doujin released Mar 15 '17 Eila x Sanya Lots of sex Masturbation NSFW Toys Watersports Yuri
Sweetest Love by Tokoharu Nanoha Doujin released Mar 15 '17 Moderate amounts of sex NSFW Nanoha x Fate Romance Yuri
The God Girl and the Thoughtography Journalist by Gomi Touhou Project Doujin released Mar 14 '17 Aya x Hatate Moderate amounts of sex NSFW Yuri
Yuri Mekuru Oshigoto ch09 by Mizuki Reona released Mar 14 '17 Comedy Mangaka School girl Sequel What the fuck am I reading? Yuri
MizuLillie Comic by Chorimokki Pokémon Doujin released Mar 13 '17 Lillie x Protagonist Yuri
Girl Talk by Kodama Naoko released Mar 13 '17 School life Tsundere Yuri
Our Journey to Lesbian Motherhood ch02: We're Wife and Wife by Higashi Koyuki, Masuhara Hiroko, and Sugiyama Emiko released Mar 13 '17 Adult life Marriage Non-moe art Yuri
May I sleep with you? by Mayu Aikatsu! Doujin released Mar 12 '17 Kaede x Yurika Moderate amounts of sex NSFW Yuri
Yuzumori-san ch15 by Ejima Eri released Mar 11 '17 Age gap Blushing Comedy Lolicon School girl Yuri
Happy Sugar Life ch16: Inside the Miniature Garden by Kagisora Tomiyaki released Mar 11 '17 Age gap Drama Horror Lolicon Mystery School girl Yandere Yuri
Zutto Futari De by Mountain Pukuichi released Mar 11 '17 School girl Sequel Yuri
My Master & Furry-eared Girl Mel ch03: Alone by Itou Hachi released Mar 11 '17 Age gap Animal ears Maid Moe up the butt Yuri
Henceforward ch38 by Kuma RWBY Doujin released Mar 10 '17 Action Alternate reality Blake x Yang Drama Ruby x Weiss Yuri
Secret Yuri Salon by Mira Original Doujin released Mar 10 '17 Age gap Big breasts Drugs Lots of sex NSFW Yuri