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How do you decide what images you put on the site and what not? For example this author, Saya, has numerous yuri images other than the four that are here. Is it a conscious decision to pick some images and not others, or do you just pick at random?

Btw I hope this is the right place to ask this, I couldn't find a questions thread and I didn't want to clutter the board with stupid questions.

Hey. Image's are a combination of requests by users and personal selections by uploaders. If you want to request images you like to be added to the site you can do so via the upload request form.

As for what pictures get uploaded by artists, it's partly due to picking ones that are specifically suggested by users, and partly for varieties sake. There's a lot of artists out there producing works for a large number of series, so while a lot of pics by the same artist could be uploaded, we tend to try and avoid that, instead uploading a number of different artists at once.

In terms of which specific images get uploaded by people who produce a lot of yuri, I guess it could be described as random, but also not? I tend to look through their work, see something that looks good and add it. Unless a work is just not very good at all, there's very little "conscious decision" in not uploading something.

Specific examples usually help narrow down what gets uploaded btw, so a request which links to specific pictures, a comic etc. by an artist helps a lot more than a link to their Pixiv or a gallery of their work. Which isn't to say those will just be rejected, cause they won't. But it makes it a lot easier for us, and improves the chance of them being added overall.

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Thank you I understand it now.

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whats IRC
how do you link the readers manga into comments
Can we suggest anything as long as it's no from the copyright sites

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